Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The patient should be tested to ensure oxygen levels can be appropriately maintained. Battery life depends on the liter flow of each patient, and if conserve/continuous mode is appropriate and/or available. Batteries also add additional weight to each portable concentrator unit.

There are many portable oxygen options. We can evaluate each patient individually to meet their needs. Consider safety and your health first!

EclipseHT with DollyO2 Solutions® is Now Providing the EclipseHT Portable Oxygen Concentrator!

For qualifying patients we now carry the ONLY 24/7 continuous flow machine from 1/2-3lpm that also features conserving mode!

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Liquid Oxygen vs. Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Helios Liquid OxygenDid you know that most Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) deliver less than 90% and shouldn't be used at night without an overnight oximetry test?

Patients who haven't been tested for sleep apnea or an overnight oximetry test can be endangered by using a POC.

Many Patients who travel bring their POC without brigning a stationary continuous concentrator even though they are instructed to take it along.

LOX (liquid oxygen) allows your patients to be portable for up to 14+hours away from home while delivering continuous or intermittent 100% Oxygen. LOX (Helios as pictured above or Marathon) is used at home with a stationary concentrator unit which provides concentration of over 94 percent.

With LOX:

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